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Espresso Classico '600 - Beans

Recognisable by its full, round and intense taste. A clean blend, Espresso Classico '600 contains the highest percentage of Robusta coffee of all the Caffè Vergnano Bar blends. Recommended for those who love the strong, lingering after-taste of coffee.

Espresso Crema '800 - Beans

Soft and delicately flavoured, with the sweet taste of the Central American Arabica and the intense chocolaty flavour of the Asian Robusta. The perfect balance between flavour and body. For lovers of delicate, fragrant and light coffee, but with body.

Pods - Decaffeinated

Fine blends of Caffè Vergnano in ecological filter paper pods, each containing the exact dose of coffee, making the preparation of an optimum espresso trouble-free both at home an in the office. The result is a creamy coffee with a rich aroma and flavour, just like at the bar. Available in all the classic blends: 100% arabica, espresso, decaffeinated, Classica.

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